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Assalamualaikum and good afternoon everybody.^^,

Today, I would like to share with you my experience during my final year as a chemical engineering student.
Well, it was a very tough days but still its a happy and memorable.
This experience that taught me on how to live my life evenly but happily.

Now, without any due, I will tell you on how ho produced  a chemical product starting from the process selection until the plant safety and layout.

The chemical product is called Triacetin. Triacetin has become a relatively important chemical in manufacturing as it is used in lots of industries including food, drug, polymer and many more.

For the process selection, we have three choice of process which are the Oxidation of Allyl Acetate in Presence of Acetic Acid, the Acetylation of Glycerol Catalyzed by Different Solid Acids and lastly the continuous production of Triacetin by Reaction of Glycerol with Acetic Acid and Acetic Anydride.We chose tyhe third process which are the continuous production of Triacetin by Reaction of Glycerol with Acetic Acid and Acetic Anydride. 

Process 2:  Acetylation of Glycerol Catalyzed by Different Solid Acids (Picture credit to owner)

 The Original Process Flow of the continuous production of Triacetin by Reaction of Glycerol with Acetic Acid and Acetic Anydride (Picture credit to owner)

The Process Flow Diagram for the chosen process which is the continuous production of Triacetin by Reaction of Glycerol with Acetic Acid and Acetic Anydride

The process flow diagram above is design by a software named 'HYSYS', a software that is to estimate the condition of each equipment (pressure, temperature, heat capacity and etc.) etimated. The market analysis is done based on the demand of this product in the market. Since in Malaysia triacetin is imported from China, we decided to built our plant in Malaysia. Therefore the demand of triacetin for the company in Malaysia is studied and we decided to produced 20,000 metric tonne per year of Triacetin. 

To draw back all the equipment and process without all the condition and capacity, a software named "Microsoft Visio" is used. This software is used to draw the equipments, pipelines, the process line and etc.

 The Process Flow Diagram to Produced 20,000 metric tonne of Triacetin

Next, we do the calculation material and the energy balance for each equipment, pipelines, and etc. This will involved the used of utilities, raw materials, and etc. Then we continue with the design of the equipments. Each equipment has its own capacity, pressure and temperature, Therefore, the costing of materials used to built this equipment is estimated.  The software used to draw this design is 'Sketch-up', the software used by an architect to design a house, etc.

 The example of two-phase separator design with the details

Then, the detailed piping and instrumentation is done by where here, the type of pipelines is choose based on each process.

The complete diagram of piping and instrumentation of producing 20,00 metric tonne of Triacetin

Then we do the analysis on the heat integration process, environmental analysis and economic analysis. 

The example of heat exchanger network diagram

The plant and safety layout is done by considered the safety of the workers, the coordinate of the equipment to be placed and the waste-water treatment place and etc.

The plant and layout of the factory

With of the overall step, the production of 20,000 metric tonnes in Malaysia will be proposed to the interested party. As for our last presentation, we made it in front of the engineers and the owner of the other chemical factories as well as our lectures. After giving all the comments and suggestions, they seems satisfied with our presentation.

At the end of the day, the best presenter group is announce and Alhamdulillah, our group is announced as the Best Presenter Group of our Triacetin products. A lot of appreciation is given to out supervisor, Miss Nor Faeqah for all his advice and guidance and all of my team mates, Syahal, Pika, Tiqaha and Aznor, for making our project comes true.

 The picture of D-Day with the 3D-plant and our supervisors and team mates.


It is War!

Greetings friends.^^,

Nowadays, the war of technologies has become so fierce. As we look around, all the applications is functioning because of the art of technologies. The clothes that we wear, the phone that we use, the car that we drive and even the food that we eat, it is all thanx to the use of technologies to make us live our life a lot easier.

Enough with the intro, today, I would like to introduce the continuation of new technologies which are Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Both of the brand enters the market with a lot of comparison that have been made by our friends that love the new technologies.

Below, I will list down the specifications and design of both smart phones with their own specialities.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs                                                     


Pictures credit to Google Images

 Released: April 2013                                                              
Dimensions: 5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 in                                           
Weight: 130 g                                                                           
Display Size: 1080 x 1920 pixels                                            
Memory Card Slot: microSD, up to 64 GB                             
Internal Memory: 16/32/64 GB storage, 2 GB RAM             
Camera: 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels    

OS: Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)                                     
CPU:Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core               
1.2 GHz Cortex-A7

Air Gestures
Dropbox (50 GB storage)                                                       
Music Play (Up to 62 hours)
Colors: White Frost, Black Mist                                           

HTC One Spec

 Pictures credit to Google Images

Released: March 2013
Dimensions: 5.41 x 2.69 x 0.37 in
Weight: 143 g
Display Size: 1080 x 1920 pixels
Memory Card Slot: No
Internal Memory: 32/64 GB, 2 GB RAM
Camera: 4 MP, 2688 x1520 pixels

OS: Android OS, v4.1.2(Jelly Bean), upgradable to v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
CPU: Quad-core 1.7 GHz Krait 300    

Dropbox (25 GB storage)
Colors: Black, Silver, Red

Samsung Galaxy S4 HTC One advantage compared:

· Larger screen support gloves and gestures
· Higher resolution camera 13 megapixel
· System update (Android 4.2.2 Android 4.1.1)
· Multi-window tasking operating and other proprietary software
· A higher frequency of the processor, scalable storage
· Can be replaced with a higher capacity battery
· Additional sensor (barometer, thermometer, hygrometer)
· Slimmer body
HTC One compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 advantage:

· Better aluminum alloy texture
· OIS, 2 micron pixel size of the image sensor
· HTC One, BlinkFeed software
· Beats Audio support, and FM Radio

Perhaps advantage through the above analysis, it seems like Samsung Galaxy S4 is superior, but in fact, it is not so simple, because the advantage is not only reflected in the number, as well as its practical significance. For example, HTC One smooth metal body clearly more attractive than the Samsung Galaxy S4 hygrometer. There are two actual shooting of the phone quality is worth a careful discussion. At the same time, the presentation style is very different: the Samsung Galaxy S4 seem to be more emphasis on playability, the system contains a large number of regulatory function, TouchWiz for new users is easy to use, but there are more advanced motion-sensing capabilities need to learn; HTC One opposite style biased fool of operation, in whether HTC Zoe software, or optical image stabilization, Beats Audio sound function, basically do not need a complex set of regulation.

If you ask me, which one to choose, the answer is Samsung S4. I am now a user of Samsung product which is Samsung Galaxy S2. Since I am already familiar with the phone, as in the system, applications and etc. it will only take me a few hours to learn about the new functions in Samsung Galaxy S4. Plus, I am a camera addict. Therefore, the 13MP camera of S4 will give me a lot of satisfaction when it comes to the quality of the images. Besides that, the air gestures makes me easier and faster to look up the gallery images and to browse the internet. I also would like to throw my votes on Samsung Galaxy S4 for its larger storage (External 64 GB + Internal 64 GB maximum) because I love to download the High Definition (HD) videos by using my phone. Thus, with this larger storage I can downloads as much video as I can as well as the Images.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Smart MyKad

Hello Beautiful and Handsome.^^,

As we know, MyKad is the most important things that should be carried out always no matter where we go.

How to be smart with MyKad, Malaysian?  Nowadays, there are a lot of uses of Malaysian identification card (IC) which called MyKad.

The new IC for Malaysian. Picture credit to JPN.

What is MyKad?

MyKad is the compulsory identity document for Malaysian citizens aged 12 and above. Introduced by the National Registration Department of Malaysia on 5 September 2001 as one of four MSC Malaysia flagship applications and a replacement for the High Quality Identity Card (Kad Pengenalan Bermutu Tinggi), Malaysia became the first country in the world to use an identification card that incorporates both photo identification and fingerprint biometric data on an in-built computer chip embedded in a piece of plastic (JPN, 2013).

Applications on MyKad
The MyKad project was developed was originally intended to have four functions (JPN, 2013):

  • Identity card, including fingerprints and photo
  • Driving license
  • Travel document in Malaysia and several neighboring countries. However, a conventional passport is still required for international travel: the card is aimed at reducing congestion at the border by enabling the use of unmanned gates using biometric (fingerprint) identification.
  • Storage of health information
Current Applications of MyKad

There are three current application of MyKad including (JPN, 2013):

  • e-cash: an "electronic wallet" system intended for low value but high volume transactions ATM integration (the limit is RM1,500).
  • Touch 'n' Go: Malaysia toll road tolling system and also public transport payment system (eg: Rapid KL, monorail)
  • Digital Certificate: commonly known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which is only supported by the 64Kb version

                                                     Photo credit to

                                                     Photo credit to

How to buy fuel with MyKad (The Star Online, 2008)?

The service is available nationwide at all BHP, Caltex and three Shell-branded stations owned by Dialog Group Bhd.


Consumers will have to open either a savings or a current account with EON Bank, which is the only bank providing payment transactions through the MyKad at the moment. This facility is similar to the debit card service, where consumers deposit an amount in their debit card account before using it.

EON Bank head of consumer banking Michael Lor said those who wanted to use the service needed to open an account with the bank while existing account holders needed to register at ePetrol kiosks.

Currently, there are 250 bank customers using the service at 11 petrol stations in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur under a two-month pilot project.

Local payments solution provider ePetrol Holding Sdn Bhd teamed up with EON Bank for the system. According to Lor, they are looking for 30,000 users and there will be no extra charges, except for the RM6 registration fee.

The pilot test is prepared to test the rebate system where they give 15 sen rebate per liter up to 150 liters a month.

Credit to

MyKad Smart Shopper Programme (, 2011)

 Picture credit to

East Malaysians (Sabah and Sarawak) can enjoy savings rewards on their daily shopping by only swiping their MyKad under the MyKad Smart Shopper Programme.

The program offers a comprehensive affiliated marketing platform for retailers and affiliates to form mutually rewarding collaboration, where retailers offer retail privileges to members, and referral commission to affiliates for referring members to buy from retailers.

Consumers will be able to enjoy special privileges, instant cash rebate and reward points when they shop at participating merchant outlets.

Founder of Affiliate Junction, Lawrence Teo, said the programme had acquired over 30,000 affiliates and members, with close to 200 participating outlets.

Affiliate Junction is an online and offline affiliate programme network developed and managed by I Synergy Universal Sdn Bhd, an integrated retail performance marketing solution provider in Malaysia.

There are currently more than 20 participating merchants from East Malaysia, including Sutera Sanctuary Lodges, Rumours Bistro, Lava Restor Bar, Heatwave, Airworld, Hua Hing and Survivor Paintball.

Leong explained that the MyKad will only be used as a membership card in the programme, and only information necessary for the programme such as name, identification card number, and transaction history at participating merchants will be captured for programme tracking, reporting and incentives.

Meanwhile, director of the Government Multipurpose Card Project from NRD, Siti Rohani Muhamad Yusup, encouraged more organizations to utilize MyKad for cost saving and efficiency purpose, as the initiative done by Affiliate Junction.

She pointed out that MyKad has enabled Malaysians around the world to benefit from more than 50 applications ranging from health services to transportation under the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) initiative.

There are three steps MyKad Smart Shopper Programme:

 Pictures credit to


Summer Breeze

Greetings people.^^,

For this upcoming summer, I would like to share about the sunglasses which is one of the most important things to carry when we talk about summer.

This picture is credited to Google Images

People always taught that wearing a sunglasses is one of a trend of fashion nowadays. However, sunglasses is  very important and inexpensive way to protect our eyes from the sun. Since the world nowadays has become so hot, wearing a sunglasses is one of the way to protect our eyes from UV light.

Important in summer as well as in winter, proper sunglasses keep the UV rays from affecting our eyes and causing problems such as cataracts. The best sunglasses will protect against .Polarized lenses can help if you're on the water a lot since they reduce glare (WebMD, 2013).

 Both of the pictures is credited to Google Images

Sunglasses can give you instant David Beckham cool, Paris Hilton glamour, or the KPOP stars Kyuhyun. But they are much more than a fashion accessory. Sunglasses are an essential tool in safeguarding the health of our eyes and the surrounding tissue.

 Credit to:
 Credit to: The owner listed on the picture

How to pick good sunglasses according to the health of the eyes.

Just as the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage skin, they can also harm the lens and cornea of the eyes. UV radiation increases the odds of getting cataracts, which cloud the eye’s lens and lead to diminished eyesight. It has also been linked to macular degeneration, a treatable, but incurable disease of the macular, a part of the retina that is essential for sharp vision (WebMD, 2013).

Sunglasses play a vital role in shielding the fragile tissue around the eye. The skin, including the eyelid itself, is very thin and vulnerable to skin cancer, and that’s especially troubling since dermatologists are reporting an epidemic in all types of skin cancer (WebMD, 2013).

1)  Choose the Right Hue

The coating that blocks UV radiation is clear, so a darker lens isn’t necessarily more effective than a lighter one. But hue does play an important role in color perception. Yellow or rose tinted lenses can make it difficult to distinguish changes in traffic lights.

Credit to:
Credit to:

Gray, green, and brown lenses minimize color distortion, and are a better choice when you’ll be behind the wheel (WebMD, 2013).

 Credit to:

 Credit to:


2) Option for Polarized Lenses If You Spend a Lot of Time on Water

Polarized lenses reduce glare by filtering out the reflected sunlight that bounces off surfaces like water or pavement. They’re a good option for boaters or water skiers, and they can cut down on glare from flat, smooth surfaces like road pavement or the hoods of cars.

Disadvantages: It can be difficult to read your cell phone, GPS device, or a liquid-crystal display on a dashboard or ATM machine with polarized lenses.

Caution: Be aware that polarization has nothing to do with UV protection. So check the label to make sure the sunglasses provide full UV filtering (WebMD, 2013).

 The difference between regular and polarized sunglasses inside the water. Picture is credit to

 The above picture show the difference between polarized and without polarized lenses. Picture is credit to


3) Consider the Quality of the Lenses

Eye care experts agree that price isn’t a gauge of UV protection. But very inexpensive sunglasses are likely to contain lenses that are stamped out of a mold rather than ground and polished, and that can affect optical quality.

To test optical quality, it is suggested that it should  focusing on a vertical edge or line. Move your head back and forth, allowing your eyes to sweep across the lens. If there is any wiggle in the line, then the lenses may have an optical defect and you should choose another pair (WebMD, 2013).

4) Bigger is Better

Wraparound sunglasses offer the broadest protection against UV damage because they block more of the light that hits your eyes from the sides. Sunglasses with large lenses and wide temples provide the next-best protection. Large lenses cover a wider area of skin so there’s a decreased window for UV penetration. Sunglasses that come down to your cheekbones are a good choice (WebMD, 2013).

 Credit to: @ryeong9 twitter
 Credit to:
 Credit to:


5) Fit Matters

Sunglasses frames should fit snugly on your nose and ears without pinching or rubbing. To prevent light from hitting your eyes from overhead, choose a pair that fits close to your face around the brow area, but not so close that your eyelashes are hitting the lenses (WebMD, 2013).

Below are the references:

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Two Become One

Hello beautiful people.^^,

 This picture is credited to the owner.

Today, as I promised, I will teach you on how to join the downloaded parts of the movie clip.

By the way, This is my second entry. Hope you will like it.

The software used is called HJSPLIT.

You have to download it first from the internet. Just choose the free downloader of the HJSPLIT.

The software is usually in the WinRAR form.

Without a due, let us begin with the joining.

How to combined two parts of movie clip.

1) Click on the hjsplit and choose hjsplit.exe.

2) A green box will appear.

3) Then, click on the "Join" button and a purple bow will appear.

4) Click on the box next to "Input File" to choose the part 1 of the downloaded part.

 5) Click "Open" and the part 2 of the downloaded movie clip will automatically choose by the input column.

6) Then, click on the "Start" button and wait while the movie clip is joining.

7) When the joining is complete, click "OK".

8) Now, the HD movie clip is ready to watch. You can watch your favorite actors and singers for a clearer version.

Below is the example of the HD movie clip.

That's all for the second entry.

Happy watching people!^^, 

This video is credited to YouTube and One FM.

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First Timer

Good morning beautiful Malaysia!^^,

This picture is credited to @siwon407 twitter.

This is my first entry ever for my blog.

Today, I would like to share on how to download a movie or a HD MV from our friends' blog.

Of course you must promise me that you will not post the link given outside.

Or else you will be blocked from our friends' blog ever!

This picture is credited to Google Image.

No worries. It will be okay as long as you are not post the link outside.^^,

Okay.Enough with the chit chat. Now we will begin with the download process. I will show you how to download a high definition (HD) movie clip.

How to download a HD movie clip.

1) Search for the Gallade Blog and click Gallade's New Blog.

 2) Choose any of the entry that you want. Eg:[Perf] Infinite - Man in Love @ 130511 SBS Hope TV and click at the title of the movie clip.

3) Choose any type of download link and click.

4) Click at the Skip Ad.

5) Choose any of the download link that you want such as Hotfile and click to Download Now.

6) Click at the download link and wait for the download to start.

7) After finish with the part 1 download, proceed with the part 2 download.

Okay. We have finish with the download part. For the joining part of the download file, it will be the second lesson from me. See ya!

By the way, all of this material for my first entry is credited to Gallade's Blog. No copyright intended. All the link or website address has been removed due to this blog copyright.